Windows Server 2012 RTM

Following on from my post a few minutes ago, it is also exciting to read the Windows Server 2012 released to manufacturing announcement which has also been posted over at the Windows Server team blog.

There are so many new features that will be introduced with the release of Windows Server 2012, this release will be a definite game changer for I.T organisations world-wide not to mention what it provides for empowering end-user workloads. This operating system will be the first truly cloud-server offering from Microsoft that is more scalable, powerful and flexible than any other earlier release – you won’t want to look back.

What is even better news for I.T pros, OEM’s and partners alike is that with the RTM announcement is the general availability announcement of September 4th 2012. Save sometime in the calendar – you might need it to start exploring!

This announcement does not go into specific detail of a timeline for RTM bits availability to SA customers and other audiences, although I would assume it will be on similar timings to the Windows 8 announced timeline.

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