Windows 10 Technical Preview Announcement

Yesterday Microsoft gave us a first look at a very early Technical Preview of the next version of Windows. So much speculation has been floating around the web on what is coming next, many thought the name was going to be Windows 9, and others speculated on UI changes. One thing is for sure, Joe and his team are getting better at managing the demanding tech journalists and enthusiasts alike. The fact that this press briefing has happened at such an early stage in the development cycle is new for Microsoft. Having said that; the more speculation and rumors that get out, the more nervous investors might be come with out hearing it from Microsoft first.

Well I have my Windows 10 bits already and look forward to loading a new VM up to check out what all the fuss is about. For me I am most interested in the MDM enhancements coming in future builds and what the new System Centre release will offer for automated systems management. Windows Server and System Centre Technical Previews were also launched today on MSDN. The word is from the server guys, the next Windows Server release will enhance even further the cloud OS vision and they are saying that infrastructure upgrades will be simplified so workloads are not interrupted when looking to deploy the new server O.S in production environments when the time comes to do that.

Above is a recording of a media briefing held Sept. 30, 2014 in San Francisco, where Microsoft shared details of its new direction and roadmap with Windows 10 for enterprise, along with a demo of an early preview of the new operating system

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