Welcome Back!

Well, this is the re-ignition of my old blog now under a new address “rainesy.com”. Sorry it’s been a while; honestly I just haven’t had time to focus on this project.

Fortunately, though I have finally got the new blog off the ground now and will be trying my best to write some articles and posts more often from now on. All the content from the old blog has been imported in to this site, although I have only published a few of the articles so far with intention of cleaning up some of the others and re-publishing them at a later date. Most I will keep private for my own personal records but as with most things tech – the reality is that only current news and views are of interest to blogs like this, not articles that date back years!

Also would like to mention that the new blog is socialised-up, not like the old site; this means readers can sign in to comment using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You may also share content with your favourite social networking tools using the shortcuts on each page/article.

Enjoy and please get involved in the discussions moving forward.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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