SkyDrive now has Recycle Bin and Excel Survey tool on the way

As I am a big fan of the SkyDrive service and have been a long time user (Live Mesh Technical Preview user), I am always keen to keep up on the developments of the service as it moves into a more mature state. You can read the development team’s blog here:

Although in this post I wanted to highlight the new feature of having an online Recycle Bin option for deleted files stored in their service. This isn’t all that new as Microsoft’s SharePoint foundation has had similar functionality from RTM, it’s still good to see the same functionality move into Microsoft’s consumer services as well.

The other feature announced was a new add-on to the Excel Web Services a.k.a Excel Web App, where you can generate a web-based survey and then collect all the data in a standard Excel spread sheet for later manipulation.

Read all about these two new features on the SkyDrive team blog here:

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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