Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop speaks about how Nokia is making a comeback in the smartphone market


I had planned to write a blog post reviewing my Nokia Lumia 920 that I had recently purchased back in January,  but never got around to it. I made my purchase decision with the intent of buying a Windows Phone 8 device. Currently there is only select few manufacturers who have developed WP8 devices and having owned HTC Windows Phones for the last 6 or so years I decided to change. Nokia being a brand that I had trusted and used before the Smartphone market really existed, I decided to buy the Lumia 920 to see what the company had done with what they are calling the flagship product release.

So far I am really impressed and feel that the Lumia series is a game changer for the other major players to take note of. The Nokia/Microsoft partnership was important for both companies, Microsoft have clearly delivered software that makes any device using Windows Phone 8 an experience that is clearly different from what the others are offering. Nokia have delivered hardware that is next to none in terms of performance and software that integrates and expands the WP8 platform competitively.

This video is from ABC’s The Business program, where Ticky Fullerton interviews Nokia CEO; Stephen Elop about how they are seeing themselves competing in the current smart phone market space. They discuss the importance of the Microsoft partnership and how Nokia plans to continue to deliver differentiated customer experiences with their Lumia product range.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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