Multiple Exchange Server Accounts now supported in Outlook 2010

It’s been a long while since my last blog post; unfortunately their has just been no time to write anything! In fact this is my first post for 2010, happy New Year everyone! (better late than never!).

As the title of this post states; a long awaited feature which now exists in the new Outlook 2010 release is the ability to have multiple Exchange Server Accounts in the same Outlook profile. You might say, “but that’s not new, I could do that before” well true; but remember Outlook previously could only open “delegated” mailboxes from the same Exchange Server organisation. Users could configure Outlook to open other shared mailboxes which gave them the ability to “Send on behalf of” as well as limited folder management and mail items management functionality.

Now with Outlook 2010, you can have individual fully functional access to different Exchange Server mailboxes under the one Outlook profile, this means the mailboxes can be from different Exchange Organisations or complete separate forests without the need to have any partnerships at the server level. This long awaited feature will be welcomed by many users as more and more companies adopt Exchange Server and rely on email as a primary means of communication in today’s businesses.

Now all I am waiting for is similar functionality to happen on the phone, and then I will be completely satisfied. Maybe Windows Mobile 7.0 will open up some light on this feature?!

I first got word on this feature from the Official Outlook Product Team’s blog, keep up to date with Outlook 2010 news by reading their blog.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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